How to wash your undies.

May 17 2023

How to wash your undies.

How to wash your undies.

Hey dirty girl. Got laundry?

So, you've got yourself some dirty undies. This post will explain how and why you should wash your Herelove undies the way we suggest. 
Nothing crazy, just pick the option best for you.

First things first, always check the care label on your undies.

If it says "hand wash only," then you'll want to follow those instructions (typically on lace & mesh products).
And if it says "machine washable," then keep reading.

Step one: Separate your softs from your roughs.

Washing your underwear with rough fabrics (like towels and denim) will act like sandpaper on your soft cotton + bamboo undies once the fibres are soaking wet (that's bad). To keep your underwear soft like new, wash with jersey knits like t-shirts, socks or other underwear.

Another thing to keep in mind is colours. Here are some tips :
1. reds are more likely to bleed onto whites
2. dark colours like to leave lint on light colours making them look dull
3. just remember, best practice is to wash with like colours.

Step two: Launder how you wanna.

Our underwear is made with premium materials that thrive when you treat them gently. That being said, we know it's not always practical (and also we're lazy) and sometimes you just need clean undies pronto. 

Here's our general suggestions for machine washing :

Temperature : Cold
It's good for the environment and gentler to the natural fibres.
Occasionally you can use hot water for a deeper clean/sanitization, but avoid doing this every time.

Cycle : Gentle/Regular
All machines have different settings but usually there is one that leans to a more gentler cycle or delicate setting. We recommend using this, however the regular setting is fine as well.

Detergent : Gentle. No softener.
We recommend gentle, unscented detergent and all natural if you're an overachiever. Don't forget that these underwear are spending a lot of *intimate* time with your sweet spot, so what you use on them will go directly on (in) you. There are plenty of gentle and healthy lingerie detergents on the market so you don't have to worry. 

Also - skip the softener! Specifically with our bamboo products, the softener will coat the natural fibre (like hair conditioner) and
 clog the fibers, making them less absorbent. And let's be real, you want your undies to be absorbent

Step five: Hang dry.

As with every other stage, the gentler the better. Hanging to dry is the best option for the longevity of your undies. But! - we don't always have the time. If you're in a pinch, machine dry on a low temp/delicate setting and get on with your day.

Want to know why?
Using the dryer at high heat is pretty harsh on soft fabrics and elastics. It causes fabrics to shrink and elastics to loose their stretch. If you're looking to sanitize your underwear, focus on using heat in the washer, not the dryer.


And there you have it!
Clean, fresh, and oh-so-soft cotton + bamboo undies. Happy washing!


Some other things to note :

If there is no care label, you probably have a unique one of a kind piece OR we couldn't afford care labels at the time you purchased. 😅 


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